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Jazzmin Casterlow

Graphic designer
Phone: 910-706-7733

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As an artist I create work that is unique and different from what other artist are doing. The work that I create symbolizes my personality and how I am as an artist. I create work that represents the darker side of who I am and the darker side of life in general. I feel that the goal of my work and my goal as an artist is to show people the darker side of life and how it be beautiful as well as opposed to the lighter side of life. I want to create art that appeals to a different audience that would appreciate the dark side of my art.

How I make decisions in the course of my work that I take the time to plan out my next project very thoroughly before creating it. I pick a subject that appeals to me at the time and how I am feeling at the moment, as well. I make my formal considerations by taking my time to create the work of art that I know would be what my type of audience is looking for. I select themes by choosing thematic subjects that peak my darker interests, and I chose materials that would fit the theme that I have chosen.

My current work includes projects that fit the horror and nightmare theme that I am currently working on. This theme includes creepy nightmare monsters that one would find only in their worst nightmares and fears. My main work consists of a series of paintings that contains clowns. What I am exploring is the deeper side of people's fears and their nightmares.

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Junior Designer, Illustration, Design Studio, 1-2 Years

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