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A little about us

FigDig is a creative community that enables talented professionals to upload, manage and showcase their portfolios online for all to see. We launched FigDig in February 2007 to promote creative directors, art directors, designers, website designers, photographers and illustrators that know how to produce quality creative work. Our goal is to build a community of superstars that we can market and promote to those interested in finding creative talent.

What makes us different?

First is our zero membership fee structure. This model allows us to attract the kind of creative professionals that really care about their work. Next is our "eight makes you look great" philosophy. The idea here is quality over quantity. Showcasing only your best work is a great way to get noticed. Finally, our team not only actively searches for outstanding creative people to join FigDig, but we're also committed to attracting people who are looking to hire quality creative talent.

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